Titanium is a small, frail tom with a gray silver pelt. Amber, flushed looking eyes. This is his life song-


Titanium was bullied when he was a kit, only showing how weak he was, he let it happen. His mother never did much about it, not really caring about her weak and small kit. The teases and bullies only got worse when Titanium was challenged to a fight by his sister Ember. He could beat her, not even with claws. He was so embaressed after that. He became a pathetic hunter and fighter. He can barely speak, losing his words once everything was being made fun of.

Titanium reverted to hurting himself, he would tear his excuse for claws through his fur and blame it on the occasinal branch. He has no friends and lives by himself, struggling on the crow-food and dead mice. TBC


Dull, quiet, nervous, scared, frail, fearful, and small. 


"No...I'm done fighting it Mom! Im going to end it all!" - Titanium to his Mother June under a birch tree.

"Leave me alone! Im not small! I just haven't grown fully yet!" - Titanium to the bullies.


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