Tinyfoot is a small, short, wide-eyed blue gray she-cat with stormy gray eyes.



Tinykit was born to Winterstep and Poolstorm, with her brother Fallenkit. Poolstorm was afraid of Winterstep, and often was beat by him in front of Tinykit and Fallenkit, causing them to both develop a fear of violence as their lives progressed.

One day, Winterstep took Poolstorm out of camp and killed her when Tinykit and Fallenkit became apprentices, Tinypaw and Fallenpaw. Winterstep returned with his body, her blood smeared on his pelt, saying that they had ran into a fox. Tinypaw believed him, even through Fallenpaw's doubt.

When Tinyfoot and Fallensnow became warriors, Winterstep told Tinyfoot she had to meet someone. He brought her out of territory and they met up with Dagger, a rogue friend of Winterstep's. Dagger brutally mated with Tinyfoot, almost killing her in the process, but Winterstep refused to let Dagger kill her. Winterstep dragged Tinyfoot's unconscious body into camp and told the Clan that she had been raped by a rogue, which was partially the truth, and needed help. While being cared for in  the medicine den, Tinyfoot woke up and told the medicine cat what really happened, which he/she swore he/she would help Tinyfoot.

The medicine cat told ____star about Winterstep, and he was exiled immidiantly. But Winterstep learned his lesson when he stayed on the territory the next day, getting killed by Fallensnow. Tinyfoot, moons later, gave birth to Wrenkit, Poolkit, and Sunkit. She loved her kits, and never told them about their father, to keep them safe.


  • Tinyfoot was Moss's first cat on the wiki.





Dagger (Formerly): Status Unknown


Wrenpaw: Living
Poolpaw: Living


Sunpaw: Living


Winterstep: Deceased, Verified Dark Forest member


Poolstorm: Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Fallensnow: Living


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