Grayshadow is a gray tom with green eyes.


Grayshadow was born as Graykit, along with his sister Mothkit to Autumnwind and Ravenpelt. He and Mothkit played with Petalkit alot as kits. Graykit then became an apprentice, Graypaw, along with Mothpaw and Petalpaw. His mentor was Nightstep. During a battle with RockClan, Mothpaw was fighting with Feathertooth, who was winning. Graypaw ran to help his sister, but Feathertooth killed her before he got there. Graypaw went into a rage, killing Feathertooth and ending the battle. Petalpaw comforts him over the loss of Mothpaw, and the two become closer. Graypaw then becomes a warrior, Grayshadow, along with Petaltail. One night, Grayshadow proffeses his love for Petaltail and they become mates with her expecting his kits.  A few moons later, Petaltail gives birth to a single kit, Scorchkit. 4 moons after that, RockClan breaks into the camp, killing the RainClan deputy. Eventually, Rockclan is driven out and Grayshadow is appointed deputy. When he does not see Petaltail at the ceremony, he goes into the nursery to tell her, only to find her dead, and Scorchkit badly injured. Luckily, the medicine cat saves Scorchkit. Scorchkit tells Grayshadow the cat that killed Petaltail was a tortoiseshell tom with a short tail. Grayshadow immediately identifies this cat as Sunhawk. Grayshadow is still planning to kill Sunhawk and bring him to justice.


  • He was Tiger's first Roleplay character on this wiki


Grayshadow's Search For Justice



Petaltail:Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Autumnwind: Deceased (Confirmed by Tiger)


Ravenpelt:Deceased (Confirmed by Tiger)


Mothpaw: Deceased