A bluish gray she-cat, blue eyes. Long pinkish white scar running down her shoulder from a battle. A white star on her cheek. White toes with a one fully white ear. FireClan leader


Flickerkit was born a wise and strng leader from the start. She always knew what to do and she never paniced. She took charge when no one else could and when she became an apprentice, showed great power. Her hunting and fighting skills were victorious and she was high standards in everything. She always had a strong smile on her face, showing trustworthlyness to her leader Blackstar. He always kept her as an option when it came down to deputies. 

But one problem arised when she became a warrior, she fell in love with a tom, neglecting her from her duties. She was told strictly by Blackstar to pick either Flashfly (the tom) or deputy rank. In the end she chose the higher rank leaving both her and the tom heartbroken. 



Often described as a strong and wise leader, always there for her clan, quick desion maker, kind to other cats, amazing hunter and fighter, TBC


"I..I choose deputy rank... for my clan's safety."- Flickerheart to Blackstar in Blackstars den.

"I'm sorry Flashfly, its just the clan...its more inportant to me."- Flickerheart to Flashfly in the Clearing


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